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Privacy Policy

We consider it extremely important to handle personal data with all due care. Personal data are processed and secured properly. In this context we comply with all the requirements contained in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the party that is responsible for processing such data. In this Privacy Policy we will explain what personal data we collect and use, and what we collect them and use those data for.

Recording and processing data

We store and use only the personal data that you provide us directly or in respect of which it is clear that the data are being provided to us. Data that are no longer needed are deleted. You can also request us to amend or delete data. See the contact details below.

Securing personal data and passwords

We use strict safety procedures so that we can ensure that unauthorised parties do not gain access to personal data. In particular we use secured connections (Secure Sockets Layer or ‘SSL’) to ensure that all personal information communicated between you and our website is protected during registration. Passwords are encrypted so that neither we nor outsiders can retrieve them.


If you fill in a contact form on our website or send us an email, the data that you send us will be saved as long as necessary – based on the type of form or the content of your email – in order to respond completely or handle the matter in question.

Click patterns and visitor data

General visitor data are registered on the website. In this context data, in particular data such as the IP address of your computer, may be registered and used for statistical analyses of visitor and click patterns on the site. We endeavour to anonymise such data to every extent possible.

Use of cookies

We use cookies in connection with the electronic services that we offer. A cookie is a simple, small file that is saved on the computer’s hard drive. Those cookies do not contain any personal data and are used only to facilitate use of the site.

Third parties’ websites

This statement does not govern third parties’ websites that are linked to this website via a link. We advise you to read the privacy statements contained on those sites before using those sites.

Amendments to the privacy statement

We reserve the right to amend this statement. We recommend that you review this statement on a regular basis in order to ensure that you are aware of any such amendments.

Inspection of and changes to your data

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or if you would like to inspect or make changes to your personal data (or would like to have your personal data deleted), please contact us at the following address at any time:

Haarlemmerstraat 514

1014BL, Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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