Book Your Dive - Review, Compare and Book Your SCUBA Dives stays in Business

Image acquired by RUSHKULT

We are happy to inform you that the platform stays in business and continues to operate the way you are used to.

Heino Maitimu, founder of RUSHKULT, has acquired the platform. The RUSHKULT team will continue to manage

This message is in contrast to previous notifications you received about closing the website.

Business as usual

What does this mean for you as a listed dive operator? Our service offering to our listed operators, users and followers will remain the same:

  • The brand name, platform and URL remain the same
  • Your listing stays online
  • Your listing continues to be exposed to 55K+ unique visitors per month on the platform
  • Commission fee and terms & conditions stay the same
  • We will continue the Facebook page The Scuba Page with 89K+ followers

Commission fee payment is done the way you are used to. After confirmation by the operator, Heino will send an invoice by mail. Verification will take place for all booking requests made after July 1st 2017.


RUSHKULT is an adventure sports platform that facilitates the online booking of adventure sports training, guides and accommodation. The focus is on Scuba Diving and all styles of Surfing. The platform will launch during the fall of this year.


You can count on our personal service. Please send us an email if you need any support or have questions:

Kind regards,

Rutger Thole (previous owner of

Heino Maitimu (Current owner of

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