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Quality of the dive briefing
5/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
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5/5 Stars


I joined Current Junkies for a cruise in Komodo National Park in May 2015. And it was... unbelievable! Nick is a very experimented dive guide, diving in Komodo waters for 5 years and he is assisted by a super awesome local crew: Iwan (captain), Bas (engineer) and Hendy (cook). The dives are ones of the best you'll ever get, with an incredible biodiversity, from very tiny animal until the big ones. You will understand the true positive impacts of protecting marine areas!

The Busy Girl is a very nice and comfy boat and the food prepared by Hendy is just delicious. Being only 5 divers max onboard (including the dive guide) is just perfect to enjoy an underwater journey without 30 divers around.
However, even though Current Junkies are VERY experimented to dive in the current, will give VERY clear briefing and ensure safety at all time, I would not recommend that kind of diving for very beginners. If you are already a confident diver, you can go with them without asking yourself any question.

An experience that will never be forgotten. I am already planning to come back diving with them again.

To sum up, I loved the dives, the food, the boat, the crew, the ambiance, the landscape and much more. Go for it!

5/5 Stars

Magal Greg

BEST time of my life,BEST liveaboard EVER!!!

5/5 Stars


Had a great trip in early December with Nick and his crew. Great diving, a knowledgeable guide and a quiet time of year made for a fantastic trip. Only four guests meant it was a very personal trip and was very good value. Food was simple, healthy and abundant - and at the end of the day the beer was cold - what more do you need?

5/5 Stars

Jimmy & Tracy Blackie

Thank you guys for a wonderful trip. We had a fantastic time. With a maximum of 4 guests this boat can only be described as cosy. Our accommodation was clean and comfortable. The crew were friendly and always attentive. Food on board was 1st class, my only criticism would be they fed us too much - breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner and snacks in between. I definitely put on weight. Diving was absolutely 1st class, Komodo National Park is beautiful. Early starts usually meant we were in and out before other boats arrived having front row seats to some breathtaking scenes. Sharks and giant trevally hunting and feeding just a few feet in front of us being one experience we will never forget. Would we recommend Current Junkies? YES we would. Would we return? YES we hope to - but the world is such a big place with many sites yet to visit we don't know when. Thanks again Guys. Love and best wishes xx

5/5 Stars


I dived with Current Junkies last year and I returned this year. A good choice: what a ride I've had again!
Under the joyful, humorous and superprofessional guidance of divedirector-cum-tourguide-cum-entertainmentmanager Nick we saw countless numbers of White tips, some Black Tips, one Grey Reef Shark; Giant Trevally's, Sweetlips and Tuna's that were so huge you'd almost think something had to be wrong; turtles, schools and schools of Jackfish, Blue- and Yellowstriped Fusilliers; giant Moray Eels, beautiful corals and whatnot! Oh, and then I almost forget the 20+ Manta's I got to see 😍😄. 14 or so in one dive (Manta Alley) in an impressive mating train (one Manta female being chased by thirteen males).
All this topped off with the sheer fun of diving in current!
And above water: lots of fun in good company, tasty meals, a comfortable boat and stunningly beautiful views!
Thanks a million, Nick, and hope to see you again next year (might sign up for two weeks then...)!

5/5 Stars

Suzy Phanides

I was initially quite anxious about this trip after hearing so many stories about the crazy currents in Komodo but as soon as we started the briefing for the first dive I felt totally at ease, Shannon and Nick who run the trip are so knowledgable about the dive sites and currents, they explain everything to you clearly and you know exactly what to expect. The food was amazing, the crew are friendly and helpful and the diving was mind blowing, the I've best I've ever done. I will now only dive Komodo with Current Junkies now and plan to book another trip soon as already craving the craziness! Thanks again guys!

5/5 Stars

Ross Collins

I had the absolute pleasure of finding out about current junkies while working in Indonesia this time last year. The trip jumped out at me because it takes maximum 4 divers, so you are guaranteed a more personal experience and not just watching fins and bubbles. I really didnt know what to expect but from the word go Shannon provided all the briefings and information you need to get an idea of how the trip works, safety procedure and how to deal with current etc... You can really tell how passionate Shannon is about the current junkies concept and pretty quickly you start to realise just how much knowledge and experience he has of the currents and dive sites in Komodo. The first time you do a negative bouyant entry off the boat it makes so much sense and is just exhilarating. I have to say this is the best diving i have ever done and on so many levels. The coral reef is some of the healthiest iv ever seen and the shear biomass of fish infront of you eyes will blow you away. I saw my first pygmy sea horses and if you like macro life it is just as rich! All of this happening with the adrenaline of a roaring current. You will emerge from each dive beaming everytime ! You go to dive sites that only Current Junkies dive and there are many dive operations in Komodo so its a challenge to get the sites to your self but with Current Junkies you are winning. The boat crew are fantastic, they can help with anything and also keep out of the way when you want some down time. The chef is up before everyone and spends a minimum 10 hours a day preparing an awesome variety of meals. You can tell that he loves what he does and that shows in the food quality. I had such a brilliant time on Busy Girl that i went for a repeat trip with a week in between. I would go back again in a heart beat, anytime its one of the best experiences iv had in my life! This is the cutting edge of komodo diving, its by far the best option for any experienced diver!

5/5 Stars

Corina Kast

Current Junkies' liveaboard is the most exclusive operator you can find in the whole of Komodo. With a maximum of 4 guests and the most experienced dive guides in the area they provide the best diving Komodo can offer. We were lucky enough to see plenty of big fish like manta rays and sharks and the skilled eye of the dive guide also spottet us frog fish and all sort of small creatures.

Safety is prority, therefore dive briefing are very thorough and held before every single dive so we were always prepared. Rental equipment is in top conditions (Aqualung&Apex). Dive times varied from 50 to 70 minutes and we did 3 dives per day. There is also the option of extra air supply with a pony bottle, so even if you're a heavy breather you'll still get a long dive!

Between and after the dives you're getting fed all the time and the food is just delicious. There is loads of space to chill out in the bean bags or hammocks, you should definitely have a go on the skirfboard or even go for a snorkel if you haven't had enough. The cabines sleep 2 people each and have got a/c and ensuit bathroom. All in all the perfect holiday and highly recommended!

5/5 Stars

Jojo Barry

Think twice about booking your Komodo liveaboard if it isn't with Current Junkies. I just spent a week on Busy Girl with Shannon and his awesome crew who couldn't have made the trip any better.

The diving is mind-blowing, in a couple of words. We would be the only ones at each dive site which meant plenty more fish and plenty of action. In just one dive we saw 30 + mantas and a friggin' Mola Mola! Not forgetting the 10 sharks on another!

Shannon's briefings were spot on so we knew what the plan of action was throughout the dive and the the equipment is pretty much brand new as well and such good value to rent for the week.

Busy Girl is the most ideal boat to just chill and relax between dives, there's bean bags, hammocks, benches you name it Shannon's got it on board.

And the meals! Sala, the Chef extraordinaire made the most delicious meals day in day out which was just the icing on the cake really. The scenery and the diving along with great meals, what more could you ask for!

Book with Current Junkies if you want to experience Komodo at its finest with the crew who seriously know their stuff.

5/5 Stars

Kai Niebel

I spent an epic and Blue Planet like full moon trip with "Busy Girl", Shannon and his great crew... We saw plenty of manta rays (18-20 in one dive), white tips and grey reef sharks, beautiful corrals, tropical fish and currents of course...
I have been diving all over Asia-Pacific and found diving in Komodo the best diving experience I ever had. Diving is a bit challenging due to some ripping currents in a few dives but I always felt well-briefed and save diving with Shannon.

He mainly goes to more remote diving spots which other dive shops don't really offer in this region. So we did not see any other divers than us in all 14 dives.

The boat is basic but the cabins are pretty big and cozy considering the size of the boat. And the cuisine on the boat was just great.

If you are not a total beginner, wanna see some of the best dive spots in the world and like spending some time on a small but comfy boat: Go with Busy Girl!!!

5/5 Stars

Jack Howell

This is the best diving you can do in Komodo. If you are at all interested in good diving, this is the place to go. The boat 'Busy Girl' is fairly small but perfectly comfortable for the small amount of guests, and the crew are very friendly. Shanon, the dive master and owner, knows the currents and dive sites better than anyone in komodo and you can tell he really cares about quality diving unlike many other tour operators today who are just interested in making money. Everyone on my trip had a great time and i'll be sure to choose current junkies again if I come back.

The only problem I can think of is that we saw far too many manta rays. I'm now far too spoilt to enjoy diving anywhere else!

5/5 Stars


If you want to have the feeling to be around komodo with your own private boat... Go with busy girl!!only Two cabins is the real luxury of the trip as the time that is schedule only by the corrent or sea condictions and not because there are other 12 guests on the boat. Exactly what happen under the water.. With Shannon you don't see tanks and bubbles..but fish ;) !!!!that is why busy girl is different from the other trip..we did others live aboard around komodo..but in our opinion the Busy Girl is the best...EVERRR! Azzurra e Ewelina :)

5/5 Stars


One thing is sure is when once you've try it, you just dream of the day you'll come back on the busy girl with Shannon! The most amazing dives of my live, so bad Asia is so far from home! It was my first liveaboard and I just love it! Everything was perfect, what else to had? :)

5/5 Stars

Andy Wheatcroft

Busy Girl is the rockingest quaintest little boat in Komodo! She's very comfortable and well laid out for small groups. She's the perfect size to do giant stride entrys straight off, with the tender waiting downstream in the current! and the CURRENT thats what its all about. Shannon, a rare aussie pirate, is one of the most knowledgeable guides in all Komodo for his experience of the best conditions and marine life in the Park. He gives his best to make sure that all divers of varying standards have the best dives they can and see the biggest stuff they can in the best spots in Komodo. Enthusiastic Advanced diver or Hardened Pro Shannon and the crew will put you right in the spot, get ready to hang on!!

5/5 Stars

Marie Bondo

I was lucky enough, to have a friend who knew about Shannon and Current Junkies, and could tell me that that was a liveaboard I totally absolutely definitely had to do, when I went to Indonesia. And now, I would like to tell all of you, who aren’t lucky enough to have a friend to tell you about Current Junkies, that is a liveaboard you totally absolutely definitely have to do. Shannon is awesome, he takes diving to a whole new level, and you become at better and happier diver...

5/5 Stars


I dived with Shannon and Current Junkies in June. Superb all round experience. Relaxed, friendly yet professional service all round. Quality of before, during and after trip care and attention was excellent. Not a large boat and not the most modern but that doesn't matter when the crew are ever attentive, the accommodation and food is great and of course the care in putting you in the right spot at the right time to get the very best from your dive experience is first class. Very highly recommend you try it for yourself - I don't expect you to be disappointed. Thanks Shannon for some of the best diving I have had in over 20 years in Asia.

5/5 Stars


If you want to experience the absolute best diving Komodo has to offer, I highly recommend joining Shannon's Current Junkies tour!

I have 1000+ dives all over the world and this was by far the most spectacular diving trip I have ever been on. Sharks, Mantas and turtles galore! Shannon really knows what he is doing and exactly when the best time is to dive each site. It's fun watching him meticulously studying the tide charts and currents on his I Pad. In addition to the famous sites (Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Batu Bolong, Manta Point etc.) Shannon also visits sites other boats don't dare to do. But don't worry, Shannon knows exactly how to dive these sites safely. These were some of the most impressive dives I've ever done.

Shannon has built up his boat "Busy Girl" with lots of love. Although the boat looks small, it never felt cramped and the cabins are surprisingly large. There is plenty of space and shade to relax on the foredeck beanbags and hammocks. Shannon has a great crew and the food was delicious. He will also ask in advance about any special requests for food and allergies.

Shannon's briefings are spot on. He will tell you what to expect and how to deal with the currents. You can be sure that he will be taking good care of you during the dive.

The best thing is Shannon's passion. He absolutely loves what he is doing and will make sure that you will have the best dive trip ever. I can't wait to join another current junkies trip.

5/5 Stars

Brad Siviour

Epic trip! Best dive charter I've ever been on by far. Well organised trip and run by an absolute legend! Already making plans to return again next year.
Highly recommended!

5/5 Stars

Winnie Consenheim

CurrentJunkies Komodo IS THE BOMB!!! I had 6 amazing days of diving with the ever-passionate, caring and capable divedirector/professor-in-currents Shannon and I have been blown away!

Not literally, although I have been diving in the most hefty currents I have ever experienced, but figuratively speaking. In 15 dives I got to see numerous turtles, beautiful schools of fish in all colours and shapes, healthy corals with a never ending variety and sharks and Manta's.

Not just one or two. I think we saw about 8 different Manta's (got to dive with 6 of them for almost a whole hour!) and we got to see sharks in almost every dive, in some dives watching a group (the largest group was 11 Whitetip Reef Sharks and two Grey Reef Sharks) for like 20 minutes or so.

Aside from that: diving in strong currents is just plain good fun! And only in two dives did we encounter other divers at the site, so we usually had the whole site for ourselves.

The Busy Girl is a relatively small boat, but well maintained and much more comfortable then I would have expected before. Taking into consideration that it is a budget liveaboard and that it can only take 4 guests maximum I was amazed at the level of service and comfort provided.

The food was good and the crew capable. Shannon, the divedirector/divemaster/tourleader is an amazing teacher and good company. And I have learnt to deal with current in a way I would never have thought possible!

Thank you, Shannon! For those of you who are a bit apprehensive about diving in strong currents: I was as well.

Don't let that withhold you from booking this liveaboard. It is a completely safe experience, Shannon teaches you everything you need to know and/or be able to do and at the end of the week you will have become a much better diver then you were.

5/5 Stars

Asgeir Brevik and Caiila Hoff

We had a great time on Busy Girl with Shannon. Diving in strong current is exciting, and you get to see a ton of fish while you are drifting or hanging on to a rock in the current. Current Junkies strive to beat the traffic on the best dive sites in Komodo, and with a small group size of only 4 people their trips become flexible and exclusive in terms of dive quality. We have previously done daytrips on crowded boats as well as a three day safari with a highly rated (Tripadvisor) operator in Komodo. In our experience Shannon's Current Junky concept is by far the best and most fun way to enjoy the magnificent diving in Komodo marine park.

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