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Overall satisfaction

1/5 Stars (Based on 1 review)

Quality of the dive briefing
1/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
1/5 Stars
Service level
1/5 Stars
Diving Quality
3/5 Stars
Crew knowledge
1/5 Stars
Overall Experience
1/5 Stars

1/5 Stars


Terrible diving center.
It is hard to know where to start to describe how bad it was but to give you an idea, these guys have two website with two different prices for the same course (padi open water).
At the end of the dive they tried to charge us extra claiming that the price on the old website was old and that they didn't car about it.
And also they threaten us to call the police on us.
Otherwise our instructor Kimmo is an overweight smoker who doesn't teach anything to people.

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