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Wy are customer reviews Important? A study revealed that 70% of consumers consult review based websites before purchasing anything online. But that is not all. Dive operators with reviews on BookYourDive will rank better in the search results then operators that have no reviews.

We have made it easy for you to start generating customer reviews on BookYourDive

We have created 2 types of widgets which you can embed with a custom HTML code in 1 minute on your site. It is just easy as the TripAdvisor badge you probably added.

Add one of these badges to your site and start generating reviews and more sales

Besides divers we are also online marketeers and therefore we would like to offer your our white paper "How to market your dive center using social media" Just let us know where you have added the widget and we will send you the white paper.

>> Click the link to Contact us today and will send you the HTML code via e mail directly

We look forward to hear from you soon Rutger and the Book Your Dive team

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